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Horses is our passion. Competition is our pursuit.

Do you ride horses and love them as I do? If you know or are learning more about horses, you probably know their personality. I especially admire horses because they embody the all the characteristics of the Horse described in the Chinese Zodiac. This makes a horse your perfect companion not just for competition but throughout your life.

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The elements of Horse is primarily Fire, which symbolizes enthusiasm and energy. I love to compete on a Fiery Horse. The Horse gives most people an impression of independence and integrity. Its spirit is recognized to be the competitor’s ethos – making unremitting efforts to improve themselves with passion and diligence.

In competition, they know it and we can feel it. When we approach a horse, we both know it intuitively. Words are not necessary.

The store is for Horse Lovers

I’m going to tell you a secret. I had a weakness as a show jumper. I overcame that by forcing myself to train dressage for ten years although I really only wanted just to jump. However, the technical flat work really improved my jumping. It’s the same with polo, barrel racing, rodeo riding, eventing and obviously dressage.

I’m going to tell you another secret. I had another weakness in competition. Although I am totally comfortable competing, I have a sort of stage fright. I am always nervous in the warm up. Once it starts, I immediately am in my element and I do take risks.

Here is a little of what I learned about Horses over the years:

Horses that we own and bond with are like our guardian angels
The horses we bond with become an extension of ourselves
The horse we bond with reflect our thoughts, beliefs, actions and intentions
Once you know your hose well, you need to ask for performance, believe in your training, develop trust, and especially feel the emotion
Every morning, tell your horse how grateful you are for the love
Show your horse your gratitude
Appreciate small progress in training, not just the big accomplishments
Play music for your horse, they love good music
Visualize in your mind what you already achieved together in training
Repetition in your flat work is very important because the Horse is not always paying attention so the learning might happen all of a sudden after many attempts
Tell your horse you appreciate the little things it learns
Always be happy when near your horse because they can sense your emotions
Have something that always reminds you of your horse
Create a relationship that is spiritual and abundant
Don’t become anti your competitors, be thankful they are competing with you
Tell your horse you deserve to win, you expect to win, you visualize winning and you are grateful